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BYHA Volunteer Requirments

Volunteer Requirements

Current for 2018-2019 Season:

BYHA operates with support from volunteers.  In order to guarantee that we are able to provide our youth with a great hockey season, we need parents to volunteer their time at a variety of events that our association organizes throughout the year (options include: open skate, tournaments, meat raffles, cleaning, high school games, men’s tournament, pancake breakfast, gun show…).  Each family is required to volunteer during the season and in the following off-season.  For the most part, families can choose how they want to volunteer, but we do have a requirement for volunteering at the weekly meat raffles at Whitetail Wilderness in Webster a specific number of times in both the hockey and off-seasons.  We will be asking for a deposit on your  volunteer hours for the hockey season and a check for the off-season.  If the volunteer hours and meat raffle requirements are not met, then BYHA will deposit your check(s). Volunteer hours and meat raffle requirements are determined by the oldest child registered with BYHA for multiple children (you do not need to add hours up for every child registered). You are responsible for filling out your volunteer hours form and depositing in the collect box.


It will not be uncommon for you to put in more than your required hours.  These are minimum requirements, not maximums.



2018-2019 Meat Raffle Schedule

Please use this google doc as a reference for meat raffle workers. If you would like to sign up for a date, please contact Jen Hill.

Meat Raffle Requirements:

Every Saturday, Whitetail Wilderness hosts a meat raffle sponsored by BYHA.  We provide the meat and workers for the meat raffle.  It entails picking up money bags from the rink, purchasing the meat from Fourwinds Market by 6:00 pm (the cooler should be delivered to the store after the prior week's meat raffle and be ready Saturday evening), and running the meat raffle at Whitetail, which starts at 6:30.  It typically runs about 1-1/2 hours.  Here is a list of the required number of meat raffles each family is required to do for both winter and summer months (based on the highest level of skater registered with BYHA):

Winter (Nov 1-Apr 30):

LTS: 2 Meat Raffles

Mites: 2 Meat Raffles

Squirts: 3 Meat Raffles

Peewees: 3 Meat Raffles

Bantams: 3 Meat Raffles

Summer (May 1-Oct 31):

LTS: 1 Meat Raffles

Mites: 1 Meat Raffles

Squirts: 2 Meat Raffles

Peewees: 2 Meat Raffles

Bantams: 2 Meat Raffles